Fort Lauderdale IV Therapy Specialists

Fort Lauderdale IV Therapy clinic Liquivida Lounge provides you with IV Therapy treatments that deliver essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and hydration directly to your internal systems, so you can achieve your health goals quickly and efficiently. The nutrients you take in this way — intravenously — bypass your digestive system, are efficiently absorbed by your body, and offer more immediate results.

The IV Therapy Specialists at Liquivida Lounge in Fort Lauderdale carefully craft IV Therapy drips with your specific body chemistry and wellness objectives in mind, so your IV Therapy treatments are custom tailored to you. Whether you are seeking to eliminate jet lag or a hangover, recover from or enhance athletic performance, detoxify or cleanse your body, boost your immunity or metabolism, or restore hydration and wellness, the IV Therapy Specialists at Liquivida Lounge are eager to use their experience and expertise to help you meet these common health challenges head-on.

Benefits of IV Therapy

You may be a person who prioritizes a diet full of nutritional value and who takes recommended nutritional supplements to try and lead a healthy lifestyle, but we all know that we lose some of the nutritional content of our food and vitamin supplements as they pass through the digestive system and are eliminated by our bodies. The IV Therapy Practitioners at Liquivida Lounge in Fort Lauderdale offer IV Therapies that counteract this nutritional loss by delivering vitamins, nutrients, minerals and hydration directly to your cells through your bloodstream, which can help you achieve many health objectives, including:

  • Increased Focus
  • Improved Memory Function
  • Nutritional Cleanse
  • Increased Metabolism & Weight Loss
  • Detoxification
  • Hydration
  • Improved Immunity & Wellbeing
  • Anti-Aging Benefits

IV Therapy specialist Samuel Hess, M.D., offers the following IV Therapy infusions in Fort Lauderdale:

The LiquiLift®

This intravenous service combines all nutrients for maximum impact.


Feel sharp and mentally alert at work and after hours.


Stop feeling tired and hungover.


Empower your body to win.


Promotes cell regeneration to help cognitive functions.


Protect yourself naturally from disease.


Get healthier skin, nails, and hair.


Lighten your skin with this master antioxidant.


Free your body from heavy metals.

For more information about how customized IV Therapy can address your personal health goals, call Dr. Samuel Hess today at 800-775-2150, EXT. 197.